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We are always happy to discuss requirements with businesses to find a way to work together. Please telephone or email us to explore your needs, with a friendly, personal business that understands and appreciates horticulture.

May Barn Consultancy
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“I worked with Paul on many projects during his employment with The Jersey Department of Agriculture. As an engineer I found his approach and advice on new projects to be comprehensive and extremely helpful.”

Graham Le Lay - Jersey Farmers Union

“He has the rare attribute of being able to convert forensic analysis into practical solutions, both in crop production and technical management.”

Ian Reed - Redfox

“Paul managed to balance the multiple production sites, both in the UK and overseas, as well as third party suppliers. This was achieved by good communications throughout and a clear understanding of the capabilities of all our sources.”

George Thomas - Natures Way Foods (Selsey)

“I have worked on and off with Paul for the last 14 years, and I have admired and respected his professionalism and technical expertise within horticulture.”

Richard Diplock - Thanet Earth Marketing Ltd.

“Paul's specialty is protected crops, but I have also asked for his advice on other crops as he has a comprehensive horticultural knowledge.”

Jeff Layton - Fresh Direct